fake chocolate,
mock objects and
test spies for AS3

Getting Mockolate

How to get Mockolate

Need a SWC?

It’s been baked along with the ASDocs, get the latest from the Mockolate Downloads.

Let me build it myself

Got Git? Awesome, you’re allowed in the kitchen.

$ git clone git://

Got Subversion? Not quite as awesome, but you can play too.

$ svn checkout

Once you’ve checked out the Mockolate source, run:

$ ant clean package

And you’ll find in the target/bin folder the SWCs, in target/docs the ASDocs, and if you have FlexPMD available in target/report are the CPD, PMD, and FlexUnit reports.

Now to use some Mockolate yourself

Once you’ve got Mockolate, you may need a few other pieces too.

We’re going to use FlexUnit 4 for tests, and a bit of hamcrest-as3 for matching arguments.

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