fake chocolate,
mock objects and
test spies for AS3

Verifying and Test Spies

Verifying Mockolates

For all strict Mockolates an easy call to verify(instance) will check that all the mock(instance) expectations have been called their expected number of times (at least once, unless changed).

import mockolate.verify;

public function verifyThusly():void 
    var flavour:Flavour = strict(Flavour);
    // use our mockolate
    var name:String =;

It’s a good thing we called else we would have got a mockolate.errors.ExpectationError.

Spying on Mockolates

Using Test Spies in Mockolate is a combination of assertions and the Mockolate stubbing interface. To determine what methods, getters, and setters were called on a Mockolate instance use assertThat() and the received() Matcher.

public function iSpyWithMyLittleEye():void 
    var flavour:Flavour = nice(Flavour);
    var otherFlavour:Flavour = nice(Flavour);
    // ... do some work with the instances.
    // check that was called at all.
    assertThat(flavour, received().method('name'));
    // check that flavour.combine() was called with any args
    assertThat(flavour, received().method('combine').args(anything()));
    // check that flavour.combine() was called with a specific instance of flavour
    assertThat(flavour, received().method('combine').args(strictlyEqualTo(otherFlavour)));
    // check that flavour.combine() was called with a number of flavours, any instance.
    assertThat(flavour, received().method('combine').args(instanceOf(DarkChocolate), instanceOf(Flavour)));
    // check that flavour.combine() was called at least 3 times
    assertThat(flavour, received().method('combine').atLeast(3));
    // check that flavour.combine() was never called
    assertThat(flavour, received().method('combine').args(Curry, IceCream).never());

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