fake chocolate,
mock objects and
test spies for AS3

Preparing and Creating


To prepare the Class you want to create Mockolates for use the prepare(...classes) function.

[Before(async, timeout=5000)]
public function prepareMockolates():void
        prepare(Flavour, DarkChocolate),

Mockolates do take some time to prepare so we run this [Before] block asynchronously to allow the code generation backend to do its thing.

See Writing an Async Test in the FlexUnit wiki.

prepare(Class) can take more than one Class so go ahead and feed it as many as you like. Just be sure to wait till they are complete.

Creating Mockolates nicely, or strictly

Each Mockolate instance operates as a ‘nice’, or ‘strict’ Mock Object.

  • ‘nice’ Mock Objects will play nice and return false-y values for methods and properties that aren’t mocked or stubbed.
  • ‘strict’ Mock Objects will whinge and cry if you mistreat them by calling methods that aren’t mocked or stubbed. By whinge and cry I mean throw InvocationErrors.

Create a nice mock using nice(ClassToMock), or a strict Mock using strict(ClassToMock) giving them the Class you want an instance of.

public function nicelyPlease():void 
    var flavour:Flavour = nice(Flavour);
    assertThat(, nullValue());

public function strictlyIfYouMust():void 
    var flavour:Flavour = strict(DarkChocolate);
    // accessing a property without a mock or stub 
    // will cause a strict Mock Object to throw an InvocationError
    var name:String =;

Creating partial Mock Objects

A ‘partial’ Mock Object will do whatever they usually do unless you tell them otherwise. Use a partial Mock Object when you must use most of the original behaviour of an Class overriding just a fraction of its behaviour.

Create a partial Mock Object using partial(ClassToMock). Set expectations as usual. Only methods and property that have behaviour added by Mockolate will be modified.

NOTE Using a partial Mock Object is atypical. Consider well if a ‘nice’ or ‘strict’ Mock Object is a better fit.

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